About us

    About Goldencitymusic

    Goldencitymusic is a brain-child and a sub-brand of Inte-logic partnership limited company. Goldencitymusic is headed by Mr.Daniel Cudjoe also the General Supervisor/Project Manager for the company.

    Gcm's goal is to open up opportunities around the world and is free to join. Goldencitymusic provides accredible tools to present your music professionally:

    1. - Free unlimited storage
    2. - Real-time statistics
    3. - Private file-sharing
    4. - Public file-sharing
    5. - Advanced analytics
    6. - Pricing control for the licensing marketplace
    7. - Professional profiles where your fans can tip,Follow & like your music directly

    Account Type Details

    1. -Free Account:
    2. - Non-exclusive
    3. - You keep your rights and royalties 100%
    4. - Limited Music Uploads

    Pro Account (¢50.00 Cedis For 2 Months)

    1. - Non-exclusive
    2. - You keep your rights and royalties 100%
    3. - Unlimited Music Uploads
    4. - Real-time statistics
    5. - Control Your Music
    6. - Increased 2 Months submissions of ¢50.00
    7. -Get all features to upload your music on pro account

    Also, once your music is on Goldencitymusic, our team is constantly curating through our catalog and pitching from it. Our incentive is your success.

    Our site provides tools to present your music professionally and have all your rights owners connected so when an opportunity happens you are ready. Music licensing is a fast-paced industry with time frames being as short as an hour.

    We are quickly becoming the premium destination for hip hop,gosple , hiplife,highlife, hot videos music and a promotional powerhouse for established artists and rising stars. We have one of the largest communities of music aficionados on the web and serve as a direct link between artists and fans alike .

    Sign up and upload unlimited amounts of music free here: www.goldencitymusic.net

    If you have any more questions Contact us below here!

    All the best, Goldencitymusic