Lil Wayne Ft Maître GIMS-Corazón

    • Lil Wayne ft Maître GIMS
    • Corazón
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    Pardon my French It's Weezy F., the F is for French, my heart in this shit I’m balling my fist, counting every call that I missed And then I looked up at the stars and they all made a wish I’m falling forever, that just means I’m sent from heaven Land on a broken heart, put it back together My act together, your man heart black as leather Me and you could get together and make nasty weather (corazón) Her name was Marie, I met her in Paris She a thief 'cause she stole my (corazón) She love to hear it beat, I love her from her head to her feet She my sweet sweet (corazón) Warm hearted hot French missis French kissing and she got that french dip, I frenched it And tell your boyfriend, listen I am what you’ve been missing Tunechi got your corazón skipping (Corazón) Au revoir

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